Каталог эталонных материалов russian ВНИИМ-ЭМ

Procedure of Development
Organization of the Catalogue


The VNIIM standard materials are used in the measurement traceability system:

  • to transfer the units from national primary measurement standards to working standards and measuring instruments in accordance with the established calibration chains
  • to calibrate measuring instruments
  • to control metrological characteristics of measuring instruments during their verification and testing, as well as in pattern approval tests
  • to estimate and check the uncertainties of measurement procedures during their development, certification and application
  • to prepare verification, calibration, control, certified mixtures and solutions
  • to certify testing equipments
  • to monitor the quality of measurements (tests, analyses) performed during the accreditation of laboratories and inspection of their activities

The standard materials of VNIIM can be used in all branches and types of activities including dissemination of the State metrological control and supervision.


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