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Procedure of Development
Organization of the Catalogue

procedure of development

Standard materials are developed on the basis of applications (technical proposals) of regional bodies of the State Metrological Service, Metrological Services of the State authorities and legal entities, Technical Committees on Standardization, Central Bodies of Product Certification and Accreditation of Laboratories.

VNIIM research laboratories develop materials using equipment of national primary standards of mole fraction and mass concentration of components in gas media, mass concentration of particles in air dispersion media, kinematic viscosity, density and conductivity of liquids, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, temperature linear expansion coefficient, refractive index of solids, combustion energy, magnetic flux, etc. In some cases the technological and research divisions of other organizations are invited to participate and interlaboratory experiments are conducted, if need be. Large care is taken to achieve a high stability of the developed standard measures and reference materials.

The development is carried out with the observance of the requirements of GOST R 15.201-2000 "Products of industrial and technological application. Procedure for developing and manufacturing the products", normative documents covering separate types of standard materials, as well as STP SK 02-19-04 "VNIIM standard materials. Procedure for development, approval and registration". The character of planned production of standard materials (single-part, repeated single or small-batch production) is taken into account in this Procedure. In case of repeated single and small-batch production a pilot batch of standard materials is investigated (tested).

The results of investigations and tests are subject to metrological expertise and discussion by the Scientific and Technical Board. If the development is recognized acceptable, this type of the developed standard material is recommended for approval. The types of standard materials of single or repeated single production (with the production quantity not exceeding 10 items per year) are approved by the Head of the Standard Materials Service of VNIIM. The types of measures and standard materials planned for small-batch or repeated single production (with the production quantity more than 10 items per year) are subject to approval by the Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of Russia (former Gosstandart) according to Procedure 50.2.009-94 "Procedure for testing and pattern approval of measuring instruments" or GOST 8.315-97 "GSI (State Measurement System). Certified Reference Materials of the Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials. Basic Concepts".

Each type of standard materials is recorded in the Register of the D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology. In the process of recording, the type of standard materials is given a seven-digit serial number. For example, 06.01.034.

The information about new types of standard materials is published in the supplements to this catalogue and posted at the VNIIM site in the section "Catalogue of Standard Materials".


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