Каталог эталонных материалов russian ВНИИМ-ЭМ

Procedure of Development
Organization of the Catalogue

organization of the catalogue

The Catalogue contains ten sections. The first five sections cover the VNIIM Standard Materials, characterizing physical and chemical properties of wide-spread objects, the rest five sections cover the VNIIM Standard Materials chracterizing the chemical composition and physical and chemical properties of specific groups of objects, the quality control of which is of great importance.

Numbers of the sections correspond to the first two digits of the registration number of a VNIIM Standard Material:

  • 01 Thermal-physical Properties
  • 02 Optical Properties
  • 03 Magnetic Properties
  • 04 Mechanical Properties
  • 05 Radionuclide Activity
  • 06 Gases and Gaseous Mixtures
  • 07 Aqueous Solutions and Suspensions
  • 08 Organic Substances
  • 09 Oil Products
  • 10 Metals


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